It is extremely important to carry out a 5 point blood panel test including T4, free T4, T3, Free T3, and Tgaa. There are other panels, but none are as accurately predictive of autoimmune hypothryroidism.

There are 2 alternatives for having your 5 point blood panel test done:

  1. HEMOPET USA;   Click this link: Follow the instructions.  Your own vet should take the blood sample and send straight to the address shown on the ‘Request test’ form. Your vet should attach the letter , stating “sample is from a dog  for diagnostic purposes only, and is non-infectious.” to the outside of the package , for USA customs.  The  cost (at May 2018) is $102 plus your vet’s charges.
  2. NATIONWIDE SPECIALIST LABORATORIES, CAMBRIDGE.  (Instructions to follow shortly)