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Members and Links


A section on this pages will be sold to breeders who wish to advertise their kennels, winning stock or forthcoming litters. The pages will cost 10 per year to members.

The list below also provides links to members and breeders' own websites.


The Daxlore Kennel of Salukis established in the 1950s by Mrs Eileen Skelton-Fortune and maintained today by Helen and David Graham is known worldwide. As the above photos show, Daxlore Salukis have remained true to type over the past 50 years, and the wonderful temperament for which they are famous also remains unchanged.

Our website provides an extensive photo gallery and further information about the foundations and history of the kennel, its British and overseas champions, current winners, breeding policy, and us.

Helen and David Graham,

Email: daxlore@wanadoo.fr
Website: www.daxloresalukis.co.uk



The home of
"Glenaok Issa at Elangeni"
and litter brother
"Glenoak Irfan at Elangeni"
(d.o.b 22.8.2002)

Irfan has gained his Bronze and Silver Good Citizens Awards, so far, and is beginning his show career with us.

"Glenoak Fereshti at Elangeni"
"Glenoak Eskander" J.W.

Not forgetting
"El Rashid Dabakha" (Holly)

Vist our new web site!

email: elangeni@itl.net

Stuart and Pamela Mottershaw


Gloria Cook and Alan Burtenshaw    Daandazi Salukis

John and Caroline Owen
Pip and Coco

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Royal Canin

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Saluki Welfare

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 Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club

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