I’m John Davies. I am here to optimise the health of Salukis now, and for the future. I am assisted by my wife, Hilary, who has a wealth of knowledge regarding the genealogy of the breed.

We are very lucky to have a predominantly, very healthy breed. Historically, we had an issue with DCM (heart disease), but, through breeders acting responsibly, this seems to be pretty much behind us now in the UK. We do need to remain vigilant.

We have a bit of an issue with hypothyroidism at the moment: Only a few confirmed cases, but possibly several carriers. We have introduced a voluntary code of breeding, agreed between the KC, SGHC, and the NSC, to nip this in the bud, before it becomes an outbreak Voluntary Code of Breeding.

One of my main duties as BHC is to collect data on the health of salukis; I NEED YOUR HELP.  If you are aware of any illness with your saluki, please let me know about it. My email contact is salukibreedhealthcoordinator@gmail.com . I will collate all data with complete confidentiality, forwarding the results, in numerical form only, to the Kennel Club . No names will be mentioned.

I am also extremely interested to learn of any serious conditions you have experienced over the last 5 years. Also of any particularly effective treatments.

One of my first tasks is to identify the 3 main health concerns in the breed, so that action may be taken to reduce prevalence. Your comments will be be welcomed. I am looking for conditions that are either fatal, serious, or very expensive to treat.

I look forward to working with all saluki owners and maintaining the excellent health of our beautiful breed.