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The Northern Saluki Club Championship Show on the 19th April 2020 has been cancelled. This follows the news yesterday and today that the government is urging everyone to stop non essential travel, non essential socialising and isolation for over 70’s due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is now also the advice from the Kennel Club for all shows to be cancelled for the next 3 months.
The committee have agreed that the Championship Show for 2020 will be moved to 2021. It was considered that this would be beter than trying to rearrange the show for later in the year. So the show as scheduled now for 2020 will be held on the 18th April 2021. A new schedule for 2021 will be produced but the judge and venue will remain the same as 2020 either schedule will be accepted when entering.
The reasons for this are the potential difficulty of finding a suitable date later in the year, when there is no clear end date to this crisis. The possibility that other shows will be trying to find alternative dates in what is a very full show calendar anyway, and possible difficulties over available venues.
The committee have agreed that the present entries will be carried forward to next year. Any entries in age classes will be moved to the next appropriate class. If anyone wishes to have a refund and doesn’t want to leave their entry in place they will be able to write to me enclosing a stamped addressed envelop for a refund, or the return of their cheque, or simply ask for their cheque to be destroyed. Any entry which has been made on line will receive a reduced refund, this is due to the cost of administration. The refund will be the amount we receive from Higham Press, which is less than you pay online. The address to write to is the Hon. Secretary as given on the schedule.


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Tadj Mahal Emrani Izan









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  Shamal Kharaz







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These photos are a partial historical record of some of the lovely salukis who have won Best in Show

since 1980  until 2012

at the annual Northern Saluki Club Championship Show.

For recent winners go to the Championship Show Results Pages 

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