NSC Membership

Club membership is by no means confined to persons from the North of the UK. Indeed, most of the members do not live in the north, but come from all parts of the country.

Currently the NSC has over 150 members throughout the country and a growing number of overseas members from Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Membership is open to anyone, of whatever age, with an interest in Salukis.

Applicants for membership must normally be proposed by two existing club members and elected by the NSC committee. Overseas applicants will be elected by the committee on application supported by a letter stating experience of, or interest in the breed.

Membership forms can be obtained on application to the Club Secretary. The completed form should be returned to the Secretary, who will present it to the Committee for approval at its next meeting.

Membership fees
are currently Single: £12, Family: £15, Overseas (Non-EEC) £16.


The Year Book is distributed to members with the March Newsletter, and is an invaluable resource for Saluki exhibitors. It includes:

  • Reports by the NSC Chairman and Secretary.
  • Details of CC winners at Championship Shows throughout the year.
  • 1st -3rd place winners in each class at Championship shows where Saluki classes are scheduled, and NSC Championship and Open Shows.
  • The breeding of the year’s CC winners.
  • Judges for the following year’s general Championship and breed Club shows.
  • Advertisements of show wins.
  • Notice of planned litters.

Membership Form

Click https://www.northernsalukiclub.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/newmembershipform2020.pdf for form

NSC Newsletter

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