Rescue Parade

Some of the Rescues including
Grace Taylor’s Ali – a 6 year old dog who has lived with Grace for 4 years and is the happiest and most trustworthy dog she’s owned
and Christina Campling’s Takha who has lived with Christina and Garry for over 9 years and is loved to bits.
image: Rescue Parade
3 year old rescued dog Luca
owned by Pat Rose Douglas?
image: Rescue Parade

Deb Steele’s


image: Rescue Parade


image: Rescue Parade
Daisy, 14 year old rescue bitch
owned by Mr & Mrs Pashley?
image: Rescue Parade

Patron Mrs Beryl Payne

Beryl was presented with gifts from the NSC to celebrate her 90th birthday and
her massive contribution to the Club.
The cake was made by Sue Taylor.
image: Patron Mrs Beryl Payne