I was very honoured to judge the NSC Championship Show, after so long without shows it was an excellent decision by the Committee to provide an extra show in partnership with Darlington.  Both shows benefited with very good entries.


As on previous occasions I found that many in the breed lacked that typical free flowing Saluki gait, front movement in some left a lot to be desired, too many lacked forward reach and plaited in front. This severely affected some of my placings.


Minor Puppy Dog (3)

  1. Macro’s LUACHMHAR JIHAN, 7mth old tri, who was rather a handful, needs more time, for his age he is sufficiently developed with good depth to brisket and well shaped underline, presented a good outline but needs to settle, un-co-ordinated on the move.
  2. De Souza’s LUACHMHAR JALIL, litter brother to 1, pleasing head shape with nice dark eye, looks a little squarer in outline and at present needs to develop in front.


Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Glaister’s IMPALA ZIA DEXTERTHE GAMBLER (imp USA), 10mth old tri, very calm and settled in the ring, nice shapely outline of correct proportions, strong neck and shoulders well laid, excellent depth to brisket, well angled rear quarters with good muscling on second thigh, moves steadily but a tad close at the rear. Best Puppy.


Junior Dog (3, 1abs)

  2. Harrison/Davies’ KHAMSINS PHEONIX AT CHARRIOAK, just 12mths old smooth tri, head of correct shape with lovely expression, good length to neck, lacks depth of brisket, could show a better outline standing if he was extended at the rear, let down by poor movement.


Novice Dog (1)

  1. Hare’s CARYNA SPERANTA, a new one to me, beautiful b/f red with good pigmentation, good front and hind angulation, enough brisket and tuck-up, strong well muscled neck into good lay of shoulders, correct topline, moves a little lethargically.


Post Graduate Dog (5, 2abs)

  2. Peirson’s CLASSICUS OMARION, b/w parti, close for 1st but for me felt his size was against him, in good condition, presented a pleasing outline, with good head, front and feet, correct in shoulders and topline, sufficient rear angulation, strong hind action.
  3. Ward’s CARYNA MANANTENA AT BACKTOR, b/f fawn, has a lot to like, balanced head with good eye and pigmentation, super front construction with excellent shoulder placement, well muscled second thigh, too much fallaway at the croup.


Limit Dog (4)

1.Postma’s FERNLARK ODYSSEY, b/f fawn, excellent outline, topline correct with enough rise over loin, quality head supported by strong neck, excels in depth of brisket, good width to front with correct feet, well angulated both front and rear, moved soundly and efficiently, side gait is excellent at the correct speed, too fast and he tends to overreach.  A worthy winner of his 3rd CC

2.Campling’s CLASSICUS OCTAVIUS, light fawn, balanced overall, well made head with nice expression, sufficient width to front, good in neck, front construction and hindquarters, topline is good both stacked and on the move, could do with a tad more depth of brisket, not as effortless on the move as 1.

  1. Quadling’s CLASSICUS ALRON WITH MALENKHAI, a good make and shape, lovely balanced head on well muscled neck of correct length, flows into a good backline but has steep fallaway, moved steadily.




Open Dog (3)

  1. Brady’s CH.CLASSICUS AZIM FOR BORDERCOT, glamorous gold grizzle, this one has matured nicely during the lockdown period, everything in moderation, good outline standing & moving, typical Saluki head & expression framed with beautiful fringings, super front with excellent shoulders, deep chest leading to good tuck up, strong in hindquarters with correct angulation, moved well with correct positive movement. Res CC

2.Glaister’s CH.VANECHKA OTIS S BEREGA TURI JW ShCM (Imp Rus), tri color, a slightly heavier type, a masculine balanced head with excellent pigmentation, finished off by well furnished leathers, well angulated front and rear, super depth of brisket and well muscled hindquarters. Moved out well but does not put all in.

3.McLean’s BACK IN BLACK, at this level and in this company he needs more ring training


Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

  1. Williams’ LUACHMHAR JADIRA KASAQUE, 7mths old tri, excellent outline, balanced head with dark eye and very feminine in expression, stands well for one so young, a happy mover which inevitably resulted in uncoordinated front movement, looks good in the rear tho.
  2. Phillips’ LAUCHMHAR JAMILAH, pale grizzle, litter sister to 1st, slightly longer in body and at present lacks depth of brisket, with maturity she will become a beautiful bitch, movement looks promising but needs to settle.
  3. Fletcher/Merryweather’s EL’UBAIDS BEDOUIN KHALIFA TO YNCHREENOO (Imp Nld), 7mths old, handled to perfection by a young handler who looks to have a good future, the bitch has a pleasing outline when stood correctly and is well constructed, movement will improve as she ages, look forward to seeing this partnership develop.


Puppy Bitch (1)



Yearling Bitch (1)

1.Everton’s SAVUKA RASHIQAH WITH KASRA, b/f red, slightly apprehensive and not at one with her handler, pleasing head and eye on good length neck, good front construction, well laid shoulders, OK in brisket and forechest, moved with a true action both front and rear.


Post Graduate Bitch (3)

  1. Cole’s EL’UBAIDS ZULU (imp Nld), fawn, nice balanced head with good pigmentation, shows a clean outline, good neck & shoulder, a tad long in the back giving a bit of weakness in the loin resulting in a loss of topline on the move.
  2. Dann/Ireson/Farris/Cosentini’s JAZELLE AVA, b/f red, lovely feminine head, good neck, lay of shoulders could be better, strong well muscled hindquarters with correct angulation, rather a flat topline, in profile, although good in hind action front movement is rather hackneyed.


Limit Bitch (8)

A quality class, my first three had classic outlines, from nape of neck to tail set.

  1. Sanders Parker’s CLASSICUS OLYMPIA, b/w parti, reserved when approached but well constructed with excellent balance throughout, not a sign of exaggeration anywhere, beautiful head with a sweet expression, excellent neck & shoulder, sufficient body with good tuck up and strong loin, plenty of strength in hindquarters, movement was a delight to see. CC, BOB
  2. Littlechild’s DABKA’S VINCENCA AT RAVENSETT (Imp Swe), cream, very nice outline, balanced throughout with sufficient bone, beautiful head and eye, tad longer in neck than 1st but flows into correct shoulders and topline, adequate rear angulation and muscling, moved well.
  3. Garratt/Oakey’s CARYNA REMENY


Open Bitch (3)

1.Phillips’ VIDANA AMIRA S BEREGA TURI (Imp Rus) tri color, beautiful outline with good head and eye, correct earset, well constructed front with good shoulders, enough depth and width of chest, hind angulation ok, moved with efficiency and covered the ground well.  Res.CC

  1. Davies/Harrison’s CLASSICUS ALCHEMY FOR CHARRIOAK JW, tricolor, with an excellent outline, most feminine of heads with excellent pigmentation, well angulated at the front and rear, strong neck flowing into correct topline, shoulders and front ok, strong hindquarters, good on the move just not the drive of 1.

3.Sanders Parker’s CH.CLASSICUS BRITANNIA JW ShCM, tricolor, nice type, good head proportions, dark eye with a lovely feminine expression, good front construction and well muscled rear quarters, moved well both ways but I felt it was a tired performance today.


Veteran Bitch (3, 1abs)

  1. Davies/Harrison CHARRIOAK SHEERZAM JW, 8yrs old cream, a top quality bitch, I placed this one highly some years ago, pleasing head proportions, strong body with nice length to loin going in to strong quarters. Sound movement. Best Veteran
  2. Garratt/Oakey’s CH.CARYNA NEFERTI JW ShCM, 7yrs old cream, a little apprehensive when being gone over, she is a quality bitch and worthy champion, carrying a little weight today and not showing her usual verve on the move.


Judge: J.Walton Haddon