The Parnham Standard

proposed by Tony Parnham some years ago, recently re-released in the latest Northern Saluki Club newsletter and reprinted here by kind permission of Daphne and Tony Parnham

General appearance:Gives an impression of grace, dignity and obedience, exemplified by an expression of innocence and tranquility.

Characteristics: Shows great initiative. With ‘unique shaped foot’ able to open any cupboard, fridge or gate to the outside world. However, it should be noted that its design is such that it cannot perform these operations in the reverse direction.

Head and skull: Head long and narrow. Able to reach to the bottom of a standard mug (bitches); dogs prefer a pint beer mug.

Eyes; Dark and innocent.  Able to pacify the most violent anger of its human partner.

Ears: Long and mobile, reaching comfortably into the dinner bowl to soak up large quantities of gravy to chew afterwards.

Mouth: teeth and jaws strong, able to destroy all furniture, carpets, door and partition walls.

Neck; Long and supple and infinitely extendable.

Forequarters: Shoulders sloping and well laid back, well muscled enabling the front paw to deliver a blow on a par with a heavyweight boxer.

Body: Back fairly broad so that the Saluki can lie at ease with all four legs vertically in the air.

Hindquarters: Strong with well developed first and second thigh to enable it to clear a 10 foot fence to visit the cat next door.

Feet: Strong and supple, large enough to hold sufficient mud to cover 10 square yards of kitchen floor.

Tail: Set low in a gentle curve long enough to clear with one sweep the cups from the coffee table just set for visitors.

Gait/movement: This is the most outstanding feature of the Saluki. As it moves at the speed of light it is difficult to assess. Verification of this is relatively easy- just open the larder door.

Coat: Smooth and silky enabling it to slip easily out of its owners grasp when it is show preparation time.

Size: When standing, the head should reach comfortably all the dinner plates on a standard dining room table.

Faults: Salukis have no faults!