Total Entry 123 (27 second entries), 96 entered salukis and 12 Not For Competition. 28 Class Breed Championship Show.

Complete results and photos can be found at the Northern Saluki Club’s website.

General impressions
This was my second championship assignment in the UK for this breed. (The former was at Richmond in 2009. My first visit to a show in the UK to watch Salukis was, however, already in 1975, to the Peterborough Hound Show.)
I was very honoured by the big entry. My top winners could easily gain top placements also in other parts of the world. There was a variety in types among the exhibits. Variation within the breed type is desired, and in accordance with the breed standard. However, also the general quality in various classes did vary. Movements were often disappointing, lacking extension from the side, being loose in elbows and/or pastern coming towards me, and/or being too narrow behind. This seems, however, to be a worldwide problem. Feet, teeth, coats and tails were generally excellent, as well as temperaments.

Final results
Best Dog, Dog Challenge Certificate, BOB/BIS 53 Ch GLENOAK KIYAN JW
Reserve Best Dog, Reserve Challenge Certificate, 39 Ch CLASSICUS CASSANDER
Best Bitch, Challenge Certificate, Reserve BOB/BIS, BOS 37 CH CARYNA MEILICHIA SH.CM
Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Challenge Certificate 55 CH GLENOAK KAMALA JW
Best Puppy In Breed/BIS Puppy 36 CARYNA NEFERTI
Best Veteran In Breed/BIS Veteran 89 CH CHISOBEE SERENARIAN

Class 1 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 64 MACRO Mr S J & Mrs J M. Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa. 6 months black grizzle, excellent type and general appearance, well-proportioned head and appealing, already masculine expression, well developed body for age, calm and friendly temperament, steady and balanced side movements. Lovely coat and feathering coming on. Expertly handled and performed like an adult dog, well carried long tail.
2nd: 30 DARBY Mrs E & WILLIAMS Mrs H & Mrs C. El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque. 6 months cream, an elegant puppy of excellent type and general appearance, still needs to flatten in skull, gorgeous eyes and expression, very happy o the move and very unsettled, far too gaily carried tail, even for a young one. Excellent coat and feathering.

Class 2 PD (4 entries) Abs: 1
1st 77 SAWER Mrs S. Fernlark Paw Me Another With Bumpkiss. 11 months pale fawn. Well developed appealing masculine and typical dog. Lovely feathering. Excellent eye and expression. A little broad in back skull. Nice expression. Moved well. Would prefer a little more length of neck.

2nd: 68 OWEN Mr J & Mrs C. Caryna Khepri. Only 10 months black and silver, classic type, beautifully balanced, well-shaped head with soft typical expression. Compact good body for age. Excellent neck flowing into well laid shoulders, excellent top line with rise over the loin. Tuck up could be a little tighter. Moved well from the side.
3rd: 33 EDGE Mrs S. Fernlark Pull The Cork At Sotazsu. 11 months. White and black particolour. Elegant dog who reminded me of the old Mazuris – Sedekis. Noble head and expression. Still narrow in front, but well angulated seen from the side. Good depth and length of ribcage.

Class 3 JD (3 entries) Abs: 1
1st: 15 BUCKLEY Mr B W & Mrs A K. Hisilome’s Lamorak (Imp). Pale golden. Beautiful outline, although still a little immature. Excellent head and expression. Still needs to deepen in chest which also needs more length to it. Somewhat steep in croup. Balanced angulations in front and hindquarters. Excellent side movements, light and lifting, with good extension. Excellent feet.
2nd: 68 OWEN Mr J & Mrs C. Caryna Khepri.

Class 4 YD (3 entries) Abs: 0
1st: 59 LEVER Mr D F & Mrs E J Charrioak Alshemali. 20 months. White and apricot particolour. Appealing, mature, well balanced. Nice expression. A bit too round in skull. Well-developed body. Excellent top and underline. Happy mover.

2nd 6 BARRETT Miss A. Majo’s Liquorice Addiction (Imp). 20 months. Grizzle. Elegant male, noble head carried proudly, would prefer a little more stop and underjaw, rather straight in upper arm. Excellent top and under line. Excellent feet. Stylish mover.
3rd 78 SAWER Mrs S. Fernlark Bottoms Up At Bumpkiss. Red masculine dog. Workmanlike typical general appearance. Nice muzzle and expression but too broad in skull and forehead. Neck could be longer and more elegant. A bit too round in brisket and somewhat coarse over shoulders.

Class 5 ND (3 entries) Abs: 2
1st 24 CORNOCK Mrs H & Miss A. Mumtaz Theseus. Black fringed red. Masculine, yet elegant, appealing dog. Beautiful head with flat skull and excellent proportions. Excellent top and under line. Balanced typical angulations, but tends to stand with back end higher than withers. Long typical toes. Long well carried tail. Smooth movements from the side.

Class 6 GD (3 entries) Abs: 1
1st 47 HAWORTH Mr D & CORNOCK Miss A. Mumtaz Perseus. Black fringed red. Handsome, elegant, masculine and stylish, excellent outline, beautiful head and expression, excellent body and angulations. A little weak in pasterns. Excellent croup. Excellent width of thighs. Expected him to move better.
2nd 49 HODGE Miss J. Khalfani Taysir. Deer grizzle of finer and smaller make. Beautiful head, eyes and outline. Not so happy with, but accepted, most of my touching. Excellent feet. Movements affected by unease of situation.

Class 7 PGD (6 entries) Abs: 1
1st 66 NICHOLAS Mrs J T. Yalameh Lala Ambra Shah (Imp)
Red dog of excellent general appearance and outline. A little light in eye, but excellent expression. Excellent proportions in head and body. Excellent top and under line. A bit straight in pasterns. Beautiful coat and feathering. Light effortless movements from the side. Would have loved to see him move more purposefully.
2nd 5 ANDERSSON Ms C. Al Sahra Dakota. White and grizzle particolour. Nice head with dark large oval eyes with self-confident expression. Excellent top and under line. Blanced typical angulations. Excellent width of first and second thigh. Efficient side movements. In excellent condition. Expertly handled.
3rd 42 GOULDEN Mr & Mrs K A. Fernlark Daquiri. Red of lighter build. Typical general appearance. Lovely expression. Muzzle could have been stronger. Straight in shoulders, upper arm, and pasterns, and also less than moderately angulated in stifle and hock. Was however very balanced on the move.

Class 8 MLD (3 entries) Abs: 0
1st 16 BUCKLEY Mr B W & Mrs A K. Hisilome’s Kareef (Swedish Imp). Pale cream. Masculine, very sound and appealing general appearance. Typical head and expression. I would have preferred a little more developed underjaw for balance to skull. Well developed and balanced body. Very efficient, light, effortless movements with excellent extension. Shown in excellent muscle and coat condition, expertly handled.
2nd 69 OWEN Mr J & Mrs C & STANMORE Mr N & Mrs E. Sivendra Tahmas Altaya. Cream, beautiful male of lovely type, excellent head and beautiful, kind expression, beautiful feathering, excellent feet, well-proportioned body, a little short and straight in upper arm, beautiful width of first and second thigh, excellent movements from the side.
3rd 84 SHAW Mrs L & SHAW Miss M. Anisah Sweet Sensation. White & red particolour. Masculine general appearance. Elegant head. Well-developed body with deep brisket. Weak in pasterns and hocks. Rather straight in stifle. I would have preferred a harder condition all over. Movements difficult to assess.

Class 9 LD (7 entries) Abs: 1
1st 41 GOSS Miss L. Classicus Czardas. Black/silver with “particolour” front legs. Striking general appearance. Masculine and powerful dog of excellent type. Noble head and beautiful expression. Beautiful coat and feathering. Excellent top and underline. Gently sloping croup. Stylish mover.
2nd 34 EDGE Mrs S. Fernlark Elswavo JW. Black fringed red. Classic type. Excellent body and angulations. Soft expression. Excellent feet. Light effortless movements. Would prefer a better return of upper arm and more rise over the loin.
3rd 14 BRYCE-SMITH Mrs M. Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk. Well constructed and balanced grey grizzle of very true type. Reminds me of some of the Salukis of yesterday. Typical head and lovely expression. Balanced angulations in fore and hindquarters. In excellent coat and muscle condition. Excellent temperament.

Class 10 OD (7 entries) Abs: 1
1st 53 HUDSON Mrs E J & Dr J A Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW. Cream. A powerful and sound, yet elegant, masculine Saluki of classic type. Beautiful head and expression, well set ears, lovely coat and feathering. Excellent depth, width and length of brisket. Correct topline with desired rise over the loin. Typical feet. In excellent muscle condition. Steady, proud and efficient, yet light and effortless, movements, with excellent but not exxagerated extension. Expertly handled. Best Dog, Dog CC, BOB/BIS
2nd 39 GLAISTER Mr A & Mrs J & SANDERS PARKER Mrs M Ch Classicus Cassander. Black/fawn. Beautiful, handsome dog of excellent though different type than 1st. Excellent well-shaped head, noble expression, beautiful shiny coat and lovely feathering. Balanced angulations and excellent top line. In excellent condition. Excellent mover. Shown to perfection. Reserve Best Dog, Reserve CC.
3rd 9 BLOOMFIELD Mr & Mrs A & J A Ch Glenoak Jabari JW Sh.CM. Fawn. Masculine, well- shaped head, dignified expression. Well angulated in front, moderate behind, excellent brisket. Good width of thigh and second thigh. Efficient side movements.

Class 11 SBD (1 entry) Abs: 0
1st 61 LEWIS Mr A. Sirtanome Syrius. Black fringed red, white markings. Masculine, a bit heavy, but handsome dog. Masculine, well-proportioned head (somewhat runny eyes affect expression). Well-developed body but could have been in harder muscle condition. Good coat and feathering. Unfortunately very unhappy on the move, not striding out well. More relaxed here than in Class 7.

Class 12 VD (4 entries) Abs: 0
1st 105 WHITE Mrs J M. Mumtaz Khamsin of Timellie JW. Red, good looking, elegant, yet masculine, 9 years old. Excellent type and general appearance. Beautiful proudly carried head, lovely kind, yet dignified, expression. Well-developed brisket, excellent top line and desired width of thigh and second thigh. Good coat and featherings. Good condition and movements for age.
2nd 73 PICKERING Mr R M & Mrs C. Kasaque Newark. Fawn, 7 years, masculine head and expression, excellent coat, condition and feathering. Would prefer a little more length of neck. Good depth of brisket but would prefer more tuck-up. Excellent width of first and second thigh, but a little straight in knee and hock. Gently sloping croup. Steady efficient mover.
3rd 43 HARRISON Ms C. Charrioak Sagittarius. Red with white chest and feet. Excellent type and lovely coat. Light in eye, but typical expression. Well-developed brisket. Straight in upper arm and pasterns. Excellent width of first and second thigh. More relaxed now than in Class 9, but not giving his best when moving.

Class 13 SVD/B (2 entries) Abs: 0
1st 72 PAYNE Mrs B. Caryna Bacchus at Ilsham. 12½ years old pale fawn of excellent type. Excellent condition for age. Beautiful head and expression, good body. Elegant. Moves lightly, effortlessly and willingly with his skilful handler. Beautiful coat and feathering. Best Dog Veteran.
2nd 62 LEWIS Mr C. Knightellington Asira. 14! years old black bitch of a more compact type and construction. Excellent coat and feathering. Good proportions in head and body. Strong front and hindquarters. Dark, bright eyes with kind expression. Balanced mover.

Class 14 MPB (3 entries) Abs: 0
1st 106 WILLLIAMS Mr C M & Mrs H V. Kasaque Salaama. Black/fawn grizzle. 6 months. Feminine puppy of classic type, sweet expression, a nice frame with good proportions and good body for age, light effortless movements with good extension from the side.
2nd 101 WARNER Ms N. Canapus Victoria TAF (Imp). Shaded black fringed fawn. A more mature puppy, almost 9 months old, well-developed body and proportions, excellent angulation both ends, darkest of eye with noble expression, excellent width of first and second thigh, a tad too much weight for me and a little unsettled on the move today.
3rd 51 HUDSON Mr A & Mrs M. Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra. Black fringed red smaller baby with sweet expression, excellent pigmentation, good coat and nice feathering coming on. Movements difficult to assess.

Class 15 PB (4 entries) Abs: 0
1st 36 GARRATT Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S. Caryna Neferti. Pale cream, very mature puppy bitch, compact, balanced and well constructed, excellent pigmentation, kind soft expression, excellent upper and under line, in good muscle condition, moves freely, lightly and effortlessly in all directions.
2nd 102 WARNER Miss N. Canapus Vesper (Imp) TAF. Stylish black/silver puppy bitch with excellent outline, noble head, darkest of eye, elegant neck, excellent front angulation and forechest, typical movements, would just prefer a little higher head carriage on the move.
3rd 2 ALLAN Mrs D, DANN Ms R & IRESON Ms A. El Hamrah Liyana of Jazirat. Shaded black fringed fawn. Feminine head and lovely expression, dark well shaped eyes, nice outline with good length of body, tends to be a little straight in upper arm and pasterns.

Class 16 JB (4 entries) Abs: 1
1st 75 SANDERS PARKER Mrs M E. Noushzad Claudia-Cassius (Imp). Attractive, very mature lemon and white particolour bitch with feminine head and sweet expression. Underjaw could be a little stronger. Well developed body with excellent depth of brisket. Just a little too deep in loin for me. Firm topline, with rise over loin. Nicely sloping croup. Good width of first and second thigh. In excellent muscle condition. Free, steady and light movement with good extension in both ends. Expertly presented.
2nd 86 SHIMMIN Mr P & Mrs E A. Hisilome’s Leonore Mish Cranstal (Imp). Feminine black/cream of excellent type and proportions, noble head, darkest of eye, excellent forechest and angulation in front, typical moderate angulation behind, light effortless movements with good extension both ends. Would prefer a little longer brisket. Good tuck-up and smooth rise over loin. Not as mature as 1st .
3rd 40 GORTON Mr & Mrs P A. Al Caliphs Aiyana Bey. Pale cream of excellent type. Well- shaped, proudly carried, feminine head. Excellent expression and pigmentation. Beautiful coat and feathering. Needs to develop in width and depth of brisket. Rather straight in upper arm and steep in croup. A bit unsettled on the move.

Class 17 YB (4 entries) Abs: 0
1st 75 SANDERS PARKER Mrs M E. Noushzad Claudia-Cassius (Imp) See above Class 16. Deserved her place also in this class.
2nd 32 DAVIES Mrs H & HARRISON Ms C. Charrioak Sheerzam JW. A cream sound bitch of classic type. Excellent head with flat skull and excellent pigmentation, coat and feathering. Typical eyes with gentle but proud expression. Well developed body, smooth top line with well set neck and typical rise over the loin, well shaped brisket, nicely sloping pasterns, excellent width of first and second thigh, excellent feet. A tad too much weight for me. Moves well, but would like her to show a little more enthusiasm.
3rd 104 WEBB Mr & Mrs M & BENOIT Madam S. Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (Imp). Smooth coated black/fawn, very feminine and pretty, nice outline, noble head with dark expressive eyes, elegant neck, balanced angulations, correct top line. A little straight in pasterns. I would prefer a little more width to first thigh.

Class 18 NB (7 entries) Abs: 1
1st 36 GARRATT Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S. Caryna Neferti. See Class 15 above. Worthy winner also of this class.
2nd 40 GORTON Mr & Mrs P A. Al Caliphs Aiyana Bey. This bitch was more relaxed in this class than in the previous (Class 16) and now looked better both standing and moving. 3rd 3 ALSOP Mrs R. Sultana Al Saud. Black/tan of classic type. Excellent outline. Well shaped head with kind expression. Well-developed body, balanced angulations. Typical and efficient movements.

Class 19 GB (7 entries) Abs: 1
1st 75 SANDERS PARKER Mrs M E. Noushzad Claudia-Cassius (Imp) See Class 16.
She well deserved winning also this class.
2nd 91 SPILSTED P A, STONEMAN S & PARKER J. Alsahra Alula for Jeshins. Smooth coated silver grizzle and white. Appealing, feminine, balanced bitch. Well shaped head, dark oval eyes with proud kind expression. Excellent neck, shoulder, top and under line. A little straight in upper arm. Excellent croup and width of first and second thigh. Typical, very light effortless movements from the side.
3rd 108 WILLIAMS Mr C M & MACRO Mr Mrs & Miss. Kasaque Raissa. Grizzle bitch with proud head carriage and expression. Well angulated in front. Excellent body proportions. Strong hindquarters. Moved rather well but tended to lower herself both standing and moving, making her look longer than she really was.

Class 20 PGB (7 entries) Abs: 3
1st 75 SANDERS PARKER Mrs M E. Noushzad Claudia-Cassius (Imp) See Class 16
I couldn’t resist placing her 1st also in this class.
2nd 88 SMITHSON Ms M. Chisobee Sahraa U Aasifah. Black fringed red, appealing bitch. Beautiful coat and pigmentation. Beautiful expression. Deep brisket. Excellent upper and under line. Pasterns a little overangulated standing. Typical movements from the side, but loose in pasterns coming towards me. At first she appeared a little tense but gradually relaxed.
3rd 46 HARTLEY Mr D J. Kasaque Ozea. Black/silver grizzle. Lovely bitch with so very much to like about her. Excellent type, head and expression, well set ears, excellent top and under line, excellent length and depth of brisket, balanced angulations. A bit straight in pasterns. Light typical side action. Unfortunately, she was rather loose and close when moving towards me.

Class 21 MLB (3 entries) Abs: 1
1st 82 SHAW Mrs L & SHAW Miss M. Anisah’s Say What You See. Golden and white bitch with excellent body proportions, shown in excellent muscle and coat condition. Dark pigment. A little uneasy on the move today, keeping her head down. Would prefer a more refined head and softer expression.
2nd 70 PARNHAM Mr & Mrs A F. Rhumli Khahesh Sahab of Amirah. Golden, dainty little bitch, very feminine and typical, sweet honest expression, typical square, well shaped body, light easy step, (Also competed in Class 20.)

Class 22 LB (7 entries) Abs: 2
1st 87 SHIMMIN Mr P & Mrs E A. Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (Imp). Pale cream bitch. Feminine head and beautiful expression. Excellent pigmentation. Lovely coat and feathering. Balanced angulation. A little straight in pasterns. Excellent top and under lines. Nicely sloping croup, good width of first and second thigh. Excellent head carriage standing and moving. Long well carried tail. Smooth typical movements from all angles.
2nd 13 BRASSINGTON Mrs J. Al Yaman Sahar from Knightellington. Feminine, cream workmanlike, very well constructed bitch, in excellent condition, which was very obvious on the move. Expression could be milder. Not a glamour girl, but a very true, typical Saluki.
3rd 81 SHAW Mrs L & SCARTH Mrs G. Anisah Amere. Black/fawn. Typical outline. Balanced angulations. Well shaped head. Typical expression. OK side movements.

Class 23 OB (8 entries) Abs: 0
This class was the best class today with many top quality bitches. Especially the first three could change place anytime.
1st 37 GARRATT Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S. Ch Caryna Meilichia Sh.CM. A beautiful black/cream bitch with lovely head and eye, well developed body, excellent top and under line, excellent forechest and fill in front, excellent width of first and second thigh, good substance, moved well from all angles. Excellent presentation.
2nd 55 HUDSON Mrs E J & HUDSON Dr J A. Ch Glenoak Kamala JW. Another black, top quality bitch, very similar in type to 1. Slightly more elegant than 1st. Beautiful head and expression. Well developed body. Balanced typical angulations. Steady movements from all angles. Excellent presentation.
3rd 26 COTTERILL Mrs J & PYATT Mrs J & HAAG Mrs M. Eng & Am Ch Sundara’s Ayla Op De Sabbia (Imp USA). Beautiful cream bitch of top quality. Typical head with dark eye and nose, dignified, yet sweet, expression. Beautiful coat and feathering. Well shaped body with excellent proportions and angulations. Moved proudly and purposefully, yet lightly and effortlessly, with well carried head and top line. Excellent presentation.

Class 24 SBB (2 entries) Abs: 1
1st 18 BURTENSHAW Mr A & COOK Mrs G. Fernlark Snow Grouse At Daandazi JW Sh.CM. Cream with slight lemon shadings. Pretty and feminine bitch with nice flat skull, but somewhat small eyes. I would prefer a little longer muzzle with a stronger underjaw. Beautiful well developed body, typical upper and under line, excellent tuck up, typical and balanced angulations, light, fluent action but could have had a little more extension. Also competed in Class 19.

Class 25 VB (7 entries) Abs: 2
1st 89 SMITHSON Ms M. Ch Chisobee Serenarian. A 10 years old deer grizzle bitch of excellent type, strongly built but still elegant. Well shaped and balanced head, dignified expression, beautiful long ear feathering, excellent top and under line, excellent long feet. Moved well with proudly carried head.
2nd 90 SPILSTED Mrs P A. Jeshins Dynamic Diva. Beautiful cream 8 years “young” lady, excellent general appearance, exquisite head and beautiful expression, excellent body proportions, typical angulations in front, well angulated behind, beautiful side movements with good extension.
3rd 38 GARRATT Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S. Ch Caryna Calisto. Lovely feminine grizzle bitch, shorter coupled, beautiful head and expression, soft silky coat, in excellent condition, very nice mover.

Class 26 PROGENY (2 entries) Abs: 1
1st 45 HARRISON Ms C. Charrioak Meridionalis with a group of three.

Class 27 BRACE (4 entries) Abs: 2
1st Owen
2nd Shaw 1

Class 28 BEST SMOOTH D/B (1 entry) Abs: 1