The Northern Saluki Club


Open Show Sunday 30th September 2018


MPD.(3,0) 1st : Roberts Classicus Apollo at Zanfarzand 7mnths.. what a super class to start the day with three promising youngsters. My choice for first was this naughty but nice 7mnths grizzle who was really enjoying himself. Its lovely to see the puppies have fun and not be statues .I liked his bone and balanced outline. Lovely dark eye and long narrow head , long neck and very good over the shoulder with long upper arm.. Still to fill in forechest and brisket , good topline with rise to loin. I managed to see some lovely easy strides when he settled .


2nd Haddons Badavie Don Peppino  Very striking 6mnths parti who certainly grabs your attention. A little stronger built in frame and a little longer in leg than first placed today.Handsome head and eye with strong jaw , long neck and good angles to shoulder , still to develop in brisket but good underline and firm topline.Took him a while to settle but showed a nice smooth stride when he did.


3rd Classicus Azim for Bordercot 7mnths


Looking very much the baby in this class today but full of quality. Lovely head of moderate width. Neat ears .Dark eye with gentle expression. Good brisket and underline for age,Excellent pin bones and tail set with plenty width to thighs for such a youngster .  Still to fill all through and like the first and second placed when he settled showed much promise.


  1. (4,1) BPD.RBPIS. 1st Postma Fernlark Odyssey 11mnths


Pale cream youngster who at 11mnths is looking very promising. More mature all through than the 2nd and 3rd placed.  Masculine head without coarseness. Dark oval eye and well placed ears. Long strong neck, clean muscle over the shoulder into firm topline with rise to loin. Good underline and brisket .Long first thigh with good width balanced with a strong second thigh. well placed pinbones and correct tail set.Moved with an effortless stride .


2nd Roberts Classicus Apollo at Zanfarzand


3rd Haddons Badavie Don Peppino


JD: 1,0). 1st Postma Fernlark Odyssey


YD: (1,0) 1st Fortnum Ariane Luzia(imp) 19mnths this youngster was a little naughty on the move today showing a delightful exuberance which made him look a little untidy on the away and back. Lovely head and oval eye. Long firm neck. Needs to develop a little all through. Moderate angles fore and aft , topline still to finish but good width to pinbones and rounded over the croup.


ND: no entries


GD: (1,0) 1st Bloomfield Glenoak Laquan 2yrs 4mnths In superb hard muscle and condition. Masculine head with dark oval eye, high set ears,clean over the neck and shoulder with good upper arm. Strong in forechest and brisket, good pasterns and tight well arched feet.Long second thigh , good width to second thigh. Tends to slope away on topline which spoils his outline. Good mover very true away and back with a good stride in profile.


PGD. (5,2a,1w)  1st Bloomfield Glenoak Laquan


2nd Scarth & Lyman Solo Star of Leigh 2yrs 3mnths Fine attractive head , oval eye. Well laid shoulder and good underline.tends to flatten his topline on the stack. Still to fill all through. His markings make him look narrow across the thighs but he isn’t and they are well muscled with moderate angles. Moved a little untidy today away and back but nice in profile.


LD (3,1) RBD. 1st Haddon Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi Of Ilsham (imp) JW 3yrs 4mnths Handsome male with fine head ,strong jaw , oval dark eye. Long neck into well laid shoulder good length to upper arm, nice fill to forechest and deep brisket with good underline and cut up. Slight slope to pasterns and excellent feet well arched. Good width to moderately angled thighs. Moved steadily with an easy stride using his low set hocks to advantage.


2nd Owen & Stanmore Sivendra Tahmas Altaya 8yrs Beautiful head and eye on this boy with plenty of expression. Firm neck of good length and well laid shoulder. Not quite the depth in brisket as first placed but excellent topline with slight arch to loin. Correct croup and tail set well carried . Not quite as steady on the move as first placed.


OD: (4,2) BIS, BD. 1st Gouldens Ch Fernlark By Design JW 3yrs 4mnths Beautifully presented masculine cream in hard muscle without any coarseness. Moderate throughout . Long narrow head with dark pigment enhancing his good looks. Long neck to strong shoulders and excellent topline with correct rise to loin. Good width to pinbones and low set tail well feathered ,carried correctly on the move.Firm muscle to thighs and low set hocks which he used to good effect with a smooth effortless stride. Sound from all angles. Best Dog & eventual Best in Show


2nd Owens Caryna Khepri 4yrs A little more compact than first placed in excellent overall condition and muscle, Masculine head and oval  hazel eye , good depth to jaw . Good over the shoulder with well filled forechest. Good loin and tail set , firm muscle to wide thighs , low hocks and fine well arched feet. Although a little untidy going away and back he moved well in profile with a good stride.


VD: (5,1) RBVIS 1st Harrison Charrioak Sagittarius 9yrs 10mnths Very nice Red who won this class with his lovely effortless movement . Sound from all angles. Fine head and long neck.  Firm topline with rise to loin and good width to pin bones .plenty of width to moderate thighs. Low set hocks.


2nd Bloomfield Ch Glenoak Jabari JW ShCM 9yrs nice size and outline with attractive head , good over the shoulder not quite the upper arm of first placed,good underline , pin bones set wide apart. Well developed thighs, slight slope to pasterns ,excellent feet well knuckled.


3rd Owen CH Curyna Curetes 9yrs 10mnths Masculine head with dark well shaped eye. Long neck into well filled forechest and good underline to firm topline and correct croup. A little loose in movement away and back but nice in profile.


MPB: (4,1) BPIS, BPB, 1st Sanders -Parker Classicus Antiigone  Beautiful 7mnths in excellent condition and just right for her age.Fine head, dark oval eye set on long firm neck into excellent shoulders with long upper arm .Good fill for her age and underline to firm topline with correct rise and good width to loin. Good width to thighs and low set hocks. Very settled on the move with a nice effortless stride. Very promising .Pleased to award Best Puppy In Show.


2nd Davies & Harrison Classicus Alchemy for Charrioak 7mnths litter sister to first placed.similar comments apply . very nice outline and showing much promise just preferred the depth and fill of her sister today. Another nice mover


3rd Haywood Yalameh Shasmeen At Monardie 8mnths but looking more immature than the first two today. Just needs time to fill .Beautifully presented .Very pretty with feminine head and expressive eye. Nice overall balance with moderate anglesfore and aft.  Good croup and low set tail , correct pasterns with excellent feet of good size and well knuckled.


PB: (3,0) 1st Sanders- Parker Classicus Antiigone


2nd Gouldens Fernlark Lou’kira  Striking 11mnths cream with femine head and dark oval eye, balanced outline with good fill all through. Moderate angle fore and aft with good croup,. Nice width to thighs and well knuckled feet of good length. Would prefer a more consistent topline as she tended to lose it when she was concentrating.. needed time to settle but when she did showed a nice easy stride.


3rd Davies & Harrison Classicus Alchemy for Charrioak


JB; no entries, YB: no entries


NB: 1st Sanders – Parker Classicus Antiigone


GB: no entries   PGB: (1,1)


LB: (4,0) 1st Garratt,Oakey & Owen Glenoak Lunah from Caryna 2yrs 4mnths a fine and moderate bitch presented in lovely condition and firm muscle . Attractive fine head with dignified expression.  Clean over the shoulder and good underline well ribbed. Good width to pinbones, correct croup and tail set carried correctly on the move.


2nd  Hudson Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra  3yrs 11mnths very pretty with fine head and gentle expression, firm neck and well laid shoulder to firm topline with slight rise over the loin , curving croup and low tail set. firm muscle to thighs. A little loose in elbow away and back but a nice easy stride in profile.


3rd Harrison Charrioak Astra Leonis 5yrs Attractive bitch with feminine head, oval eye and fine head, well developed through the forechest and brisket with good underline. Moderate angles fore and aft just lacked a little enthusiasm on the move today.


OB: (3,0)RBIS. B.B.1st  Davies Charrioak Sheerzam JW 5yrs


My choice for first place in this quality class was this beautiful cream with lovely overall balance . Standing and moving she looked a picture. Pretty head with dark eye , long neck into excellent shoulders and return of upper arm, good underline to topline rising to loin ,correct tail set ,well feathered and good second thigh. Tight feet. Lovely to watch on the move with her light easy movement .Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show


2nd Garratt & Oakey Ch Caryna Neferti JW ShCM 4yrs 3mnths. Second place in this lovely class was this beautiful bitch with lovely head and dark eye, Good fill to forechest .Well constructed throughout with balanced angles fore and aft. Not overdone in anyway with a curving topline and well set tail .  Moved very well


3rd Sanders -Parker Classicus Britannia JW ShCM 2yrs 7mnths This youngster presented a lovely shape overall with gorgeous head and eye,long neck and correct topline with slight arch to loin and plenty width between pinbones. Moderate angles and good width to thighs .strong pasterns and tight feet.


SBB: no entries


VB: (6,2)BVIS, RBB 1st  Garratt & Oakey Caryna Meilichia ShCM 9yrs 10mnths


I cannot believe this bitch is nearly 10yrs old. She is in fabulous condition with firm muscle and gleaming coat. Very balanced outline standing .Feminine head to well laid shoulders , deep brisket, correct topline , strong over the loin with good width between pin bones ,well developed thighs and tight arched feet.  moves with an effortless stride true from all angles. Reserve Best Bitch.


2nd Davies Charrioak Nunki 9yrs 10mnths Another dignified veteran who certainly is carrying her years very well. Long narrow head, firm neck. Nice overall shape with moderate angles and good width to thighs. Well arched feet and strong pasterns.


3rd Burtenshaws Ir Ch FErnalrk Nardini At Daandazi JW Sh CM Ir J Ch 9yrs 5mnths




1st Harrisons Charrioak Meridionalis 9yrs 10mnths Another classic bitch who belies her years. She has certainly passed on her good genes today with her daughter taking best bitch and rbis today