DNA records, past and present, will be available to be studied beyond death. Stored DNA can also be used for general breed studies, eg: genetic diversity estimates, or frequency of disease mutations in the general population.

Therefore , establishing a Saluki DNA database can be seen as insurance. The more cheek swabs are collected by the AHT , the more viable will be the results for any specific diseases that may be investigated.


How can I help?

The DNA is collected with a simple swab taken from the dog’s cheek, which is then posted to the AHT. Both dog and owner details are kept in strict confidence.

In order to establish an accurate database, it is essential that owners inform the AHT if health issues develop in a DNA tested saluki.

Buccal swab kits @ £5 are available at most shows or by post from your breed health coordinator mailto:salukibreedhealthcoordinator@gmail.com