NSC Points Trophy Competition

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NSC points trophy competition

runs from 1st January to 31st December each year

  1. Points are awarded for Breed Classes only, as follows:

Limited, sanction & Irish shows 0 points

General Open shows, saluki classes 1st = 1point; + additional point if 3 or more in class + additional point for BOB

Hound Group 1 = 1 point

BIS = 2 points

Champ shows w/o CC’s and Breed club Open shows

1st = 1 point + additional point if 3 or more in class

BD or BB = 1 point

BOB at Ch show or BIS at club show = 2 points

BPIS at club show, provided at least 3 puppies present in total = 1 point

General Champ shows with CC’s Class 1st= 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1point

Extra point if 3 or more in class

RCC = 1 point; CC = 2 points; BOB = 3 points

Group 1 = 4 points; G2 = 3 points; G3= 2points; G4 = 1point; RBIS 5 points; BIS 6 points.

NSC/SGHC Champ shows & Crufts Class wins as above

RCC = 1 point; CC = 2 points

BOB Crufts = 5 points

BIS club champ show = 5 points

BPIS at club show = 2 points provided 3 or more puppies present in total.

  1. All owners must be members of the NSC
  2. All points for trophies 1,2,3, 7,8,9,10 should be awarded for post graduate & above.
  3. No points may count twice between groups (1,2,3,7,8,9,10) and (4,5,6), but may be counted twice within each group. E.g a yearling may include points awarded for junior classes in the yearling trophy tally, or a dog/bitch may use the same points for top winning dog/bitch and a colour trophy.

         5.    Points gained for trophies 4,5,& 6 will NOT count towards the remaining 7 trophies.

   N.B. Puppy trophy: only points scored up to & including 12 months of age; eligible for Ilsham Tankard only.

              Junior Trophy: only points scored from 12 months & not exceeding 18 months of age.

             Yearling Trophy: only points scored from over 12 months and not exceeding 24 months of age.


1.Doodson Perpetual Shield –  Top winning Dog/Bitch

2.Al Caliph Shield –                     Top winning Male

3.Garve Trophy –                        Top winning Bitch

4.Ilsham Tankard –                    Top winning Puppy

5. Ilsham Trophy –                    Top winning Junior

6. Ch Gulzar Al-Mutakabbir Trophy – Top winning Yearling

7. Tifinal Trophy – Top winning Grizzle

8. Agib Trophy – Top winning Black/tan

9. Kwayis Angel Dish – Top winning Parti colour

10. Ilsham Points Cup – owner/exhibitor not having won a CC prior to start of the year

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